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We have many ministries designed to meet your needs. Above all, we hope to see you here on campus.  We’re excited for the opportunity to get to know you and your family as we build friendships and find God together.

Pastor Darren and Debbie



No Place Like Trinity Wording

Trinity LiveStream Kick-off

August 28, 2016 9:15 am

We are so excited to announce the official kick-off of our online community! If you can't make it for our morning worship services join us online during our live stream!

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  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Who Qualifies - 2016-08-14 August 18, 2016
    Who is qualified to dwell with God here on earth temporarily and eternally in Heaven? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers points us to a Psalm of David, and shows us that the qualified will walk with integrity, do what is righteous, and speak the truth in their heart.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - All this for a Plant - 2016-07-31 August 10, 2016
    What are you concerned over? In the final message of our series on Jonah, Pastor Darren Rogers points out that Jonah got more upset over a plant than he did over the city of Nineveh. We're reminded that God's love for lost people will always take precedence over our individual gripes, hurts, and pride.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - The Blinding Consequences of Unforgiveness - 2016-07-24 August 8, 2016
    What happens when we don't forgive? In the fourth message of our series on Jonah, Pastor Darren Rogers shows us that Jonah's unforgiveness caused him to be upset, angry, bitter, and suicidal.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - The Supernatural Results of Obedience - 2016-07-17 July 21, 2016
    What happens when we stop running from God's will, and decide to be obedient? In the third message of our series on Jonah, Pastor Darren Rogers points out that even we we have come through a period of disobedience, God will use us when we choose to obey his will.