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Pastor Darren and Debbie


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  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Abram's Decision - 2017-01-15 January 16, 2017
    How many of us set out for a place, but decide somewhere along the way that where we are is good enough? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers examines Abram's Decision to leave Haran where his father had settled.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Achan's Disaster - 2017-01-08 January 13, 2017
    What could one man do that would require his entire family be murdered? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers shows us what brought about Achan's disaster. We learn that you can't sneak your sin past God, and you can't steal what belongs to God without serious consequence, 
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Simeons Blessing - 2017-01-01 January 12, 2017
    Can a blessing bring suffering? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers shows us that in the blessing Simeon gave Mary and Joseph there was much suffering.
  • Pastor Randy Treviño - Missing Christmas - 2016-12-25 January 11, 2017
    Don't miss Christmas. In this message, Pastor Randy Trevino shows us how so many people missed Christmas when it happened right in front of them, and warns us not to be like them.