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Pastor Darren and Debbie



  • Pastor Darren Rogers - What Are You Sending Ahead - 2016-11-27 November 28, 2016
    You can't take anything with you when you die. That truth is the same for everyone. But, you can send some things ahead. In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers reminds us to focus less on the carnal and more on the spiritual.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - What about the Fear - 2016-11-20 November 22, 2016
    What should Christians do about fear? How do we respond when the enemy brings fear that can cause mistrust among believers? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers directs us to the book of 1 Peter, and instructs us to acknowledge that the fear is real, stop arguing about it, remember why we are here, and pursue God's will.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Three Keys to Victory - 2016-11-13 November 16, 2016
    Are you facing a battle? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers looks at 1 Chronicles 14 and gives us three keys to victory. We must employ pin point prayer, over the top obedience, and laser-focused attention to details.
  • Pastor Darren Rogers - Wait for the Lord - 2016-11-06 November 15, 2016
    Why are we in such a hurry? In this message, Pastor Darren Rogers reminds us that sometimes all we can do is wait. We learn that in our waiting we must be strong, take heart, and just wait.