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Our Leadership Team

What We Believe

Our 16 Fundamental Truths

1. The Bible is the inspired word of God.

2. One true God.

3. The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God.

4. The fall of mankind.

5. The salvation of mankind.

6. The ordinances of the Church. (Water Baptism & Communion)

7. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is available and encouraged for all believers.

8. Speaking in other tongues is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

9. Sanctification is an act of separating ourselves from evil and identifying with things that are good, upright, and morally pure.

10. The Mission of the Church is to be an agency of evangelism, a place where man can worship God, and build up the body of believers.

11. The Ministry is a divine calling to accomplish the mission of the Church.

12. Divine Healing.

13. The Blessed Hope. The believers will be caught up (Raptured) to be with Christ when he returns.

14. The Millennial Reign of Christ. Christ will `return` and reign on earth for a thousand years.

15. There will be a Final Judgment in which all will be accountable for their actions in this life.

16. There will be a new Heavens and new Earth where man will live and dwell forever.

Visit the National Assemblies of God site for a more detailed description our beliefs . AG Beliefs.