WOW Fitness

WOW Fitness provides Cardio/Toning classes in a Christian environment to help improve the quality of life for the women involved.

WOW Fitness classes are about so much more than just working out! Women are building self confidence. They are getting stronger and healthier. But most of all, we are bonding and building new friendships. If you want to be encouraged, come join this wonderful group of ladies for an awesome workout. – Director Tammy Hill

“Normal” Class Schedule

CLASS TIME Monday Wednesday Friday
6:00 AM Pump It Up Core Fit Pump It Up
8:00 AM Pump It Up Pump It Up Pump It Up
5:00 PM  —— Core Fit  —–
5:30 PM Pump It Up —– Pump It Up
Pump It Up
Intervals of cardio & toning using dumbbells, body weight, circuits, fitness ball, resistance bands, steps or Pilates.
            May be Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Floor Aerovics or any combination of these.
Cardio Groove
Zumba type class. Fat burning moves done to fun music.
Aerobic Kickboxing
High energy, fat burning series of punches and kicks.
Step Aerobics
Aerobic class on the step. You will burn fat!
Core Workout.
Praise Moves
A Christian alternative to yoga movements.